About HYP

Hickory Young Professionals (HYP) was established in 2008 to provide opportunities for young professionals in the Greater Hickory (NC) Metro Region to excel Professionally, Socially & Economically.

HYP provides young professionals in the Greater Hickory Metro the opportunity to network with one another and engage in professional development programs. HYP hosts throughtout the year, to provide young professionals an opportunity to get plugged in, to the places we live, work, and play.

Wondering if you're a Young Professional? If you're between 21-40 years of age, and you live and/or work in the Greater Hickory Metro Region, you qualify for membership! If you're a student, between jobs, looking to meet new people, or to advance your career, you qualify too! However, if you don't fall in this range, we still welcome you to join us at our events! Our goal is provide events that everyone feels is useful for them, and to serve anyone looking to develop themselves professionally. 

HYP strives to promote the region's best assets, be that people or places, and our events calendar is how we do that. This is done through forums with city officials, tours of educational or community activity centers, social/networking events, Q&A with business leaders, first-hand experience with local companies, and much, much more. 

HYP Events:

HYP hosts a variety of events throughout the year designed to keep our members engaged in the community and with each other. As 2020 approaches, we are excited to bring a new layout of exciting events to you. 

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