Give Back To Schools

HYP is also a partner with our community school systems and higher education institutions. We recognize the value in supporting and helping schools in every way we can, so that the next generation of Catawba County’s leadership is ready to take the baton when we’re ready to pass it. In today’s shrinking world, kids graduating from high school or college aren’t just competing with each other for jobs; they’re competing with kids from India, China, Europe and Africa. They need as much support and resource as we can provide them.

If you’re interested in volunteering or mentoring in your local schools (any grade level), we can put you in touch with the right people and the students who need you most.

If your business needs Interns from high school- or college-age students, HYP is working with area colleges and universities, as well as our three school systems to develop internship programs. These students nearing graduation need real-world experience to learn what will be expected of them when they enter the working world. All areas of business, all job levels, and all schools need partners.

HYP is proud to partner with Education Matters for these initiatives. Education Matters is a partnership between Business, Government, and Education working together to increase the value of education and educational attainment in Catawba County. To learn more about volunteering, mentoring, and internships, visit For more information email Tracy Hall at [email protected].